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What is Cardano?


Cardano is home to the Ada crypto-currency, which can be used to send and receive digital funds.  Ada holders can earn rewards by delegating their stake.  Delegation keeps the Cardano ecosystem safe, strong and secure and maximizes reward potential.

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What is a Cardano Stake Pool?

How does staking work?:  Staking works by delegating your Ada from your wallet to the stake pool of your choice.   Funds never leave your wallet so are completely safe. You can transfer or spend your stake at any time.

What are stake pool operators?:  System administrators with the resources to reliably and safely operate a Cardano node to process transactions 24/7.  

Can I run a stake pool?:  Yes, absolutely. The more independent nodes in the ecosystem the more resilient the Cardano network becomes - but be prepared for late nights and a steep learning curve!


About Cyber-Cache Staking Pool

At Cyber-Cache (Depot) we believe that running a stake pool is our way of contributing to the Cardano ecosystem.  We are passionate believers in Cardano and are here for the long-term. 

Our immediate focus is on building trust in the Cardano Community - and it's infrastructure - and contributing to the development of a Pan-African, globally decentralized, financial operating system.

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Odds and Ends


We have a 3% profit margin for server costs and no fixed take. 


The pledge amount increases the desirability of the pool and protects the Cardano ecosystem from 51% attacks.     

Our pledge to this stake pool is 1.75m Ada.


Our pool is hosted on a digital ocean droplet running Ubuntu 18.04 with higher than recommended specs.  This ensures reliable and consistent up-time, security and low costs so you do not miss out on rewards.


Our ticker is DEPOT.  Just search DEPOT on your Daedalus or Yoroi Wallet and click Delegate.    

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